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Monday, June 6, 2011

... See Above

Hello, and welcome to Here's the Deal, my blog where I write about politics, economics, morality, religion, and everything else one isn't supposed to discuss in polite conversation (and ESPECIALLY not at the same time). I'm Elliott; a white male heterosexual upper-middle class libertarian-leaning conservative Catholic. I am exactly the kind of person that modern secular liberals think is responsible for the millennia of human suffering that occurred before the Enlightenment came along. As I'm sure you've come to suspect, I disagree with their assessment. I believe a lot of strange things, namely that multiculturalism incites racial discord, that (radical) feminism sexually victimizes women, that socialism reinforces class divisions, and that pacifism kills people.

All of my counter-intuitive opinions are the result of a lifetime of devoting an unhealthy amount of time, energy, and intelligence to considering life's Big Questions, so if you disagree with me, be prepared for me to disagree back at great length. That isn't to say that I'm immune to persuasion, though. If a position opposed to mine can withstand all my arguments and all those of others that I summon in my defense, I will be forced to accept it because I consider reason my master and will yield when it bids me so. Still, be warned that reason often has a mind of its own.

In respect for the law of reason, therefore, I will lay down some ground rules for communicating with me and with others via this blog. Take care to thoroughly read and comprehend everything you see here so that, agree or disagree, you may judge the thought posted on this blog for what it truly is. Treat all others with respect and they will respect you. If not, I will delete their, your, and maybe even my posts. Finally, argue vigorously in favor of what you believe is the truth. Either you are correct and will benefit everyone by your best efforts, or you are mistaken, and seeing your strongest arguments refuted may help you find the right path. Nothing could be more important, for as my old English teacher once said, ideas have consequences.

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  1. Oh Elliott. I still can't hear the words "Here's the deal" without thinking of you.

    And groaning a little.

    Here's to healthy debate, and here's to what looks to be an excellent blog.